Investing In Canadian Commercial Real Estate 2019

You may have learned some hard but valuable lessons in 2018. Not heeding the warnings about the stock market and housing or acting fast enough might have been painful. Your financial statements may be a bigger reminder of that. On the bright side your tax assessments may be going down, so use it as motivation to outperform last year. Charge forward to take action and shake up your portfolio.

Be confident, invest boldly in assets that really make sense right now, and enjoy safety and the best performance by optimizing your portfolio now. There are lots of reasons to be positive about investing in Canada this year, even if that requires making some changes to your investment strategies and the assets you’re holding.

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Investment in Commercial Property Surges in Canada

According to Canada’s Real Estate News Exchange (RENX), investment in commercial property hit a new record high in the first six months of 2018, at $26.8 billion. That could put the entire year well above the annual record set in 2017 of $43.1 billion.

Current appetite for investment together with the safety and yields Canadian commercial property offers leads experts to believe that this trend is unlikely to waiver in 2019. Everyone wants a bit of the action, including big tech giants like Google.

While many analysts and biased promoters are doing a smooth job of downplaying the risks in these other markets and sectors, individuals need to be realistic about the dangers and look at the data for themselves.

It’s true that while commercial properties may offer brick and mortar security, the yields on many prime properties are trading low. Yet, many will find greater returns and yields in more localized properties just out of the center, and in more suburban and secondary markets. Of particular note, according to RENX, the reinvention of retail and spending patterns are expected to keep boosting retailer expansions at the discount and luxury ends of the market. Furthermore, mixed-use properties with retail and apartments could perform well, as vacancy rates dip below 3% and encourage rental rate increases.



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Richard Crenian and Brad Powe discuss the importance of keeping your chin up, no matter the challenges in your path. Having a negative attitude will hurt your sales and the moral and productivity of your company. A positive attitude will reduce your stress, keep you healthier and enhance your productivity – All important for business success.


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Skills can be taught. Character is innate.

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After that? Success comes to you.


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Sharing responsibility is just as important as sharing successes – that is the true essence of teamwork.

There is no shame in admitting when you’re wrong. Resorting to the blame game should never be how you choose to handle a problem. Soliciting the opinions of other team members is also paramount. It saves you a world of trouble and helps you achieve your goals and that of the team that much faster.



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“Don’t write checks until there’s money in the bank.”

Richard Crenian discusses how imperative it is to not promise or pay another until and unless you have the funds to back it up. Communication is crucial. You can always let you creditor know when to expect the money at a future point and when you can, in fact, make good on your debts.

Another crucial point to remember when attempting to sell a product – go straight to the person who has the authority to say “yes”. Don’t waste your time on someone who does not have the ability or authority to give you the outcome that you have in mind.


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Once you’ve established yourself as a leader, prospects become customers.