Richard Crenian | Rules to Success | Part 1

“Don’t write checks until there’s money in the bank.”

Richard Crenian discusses how imperative it is to not promise or pay another until and unless you have the funds to back it up. Communication is crucial. You can always let you creditor know when to expect the money at a future point and when you can, in fact, make good on your debts.

Another crucial point to remember when attempting to sell a product – go straight to the person who has the authority to say “yes”. Don’t waste your time on someone who does not have the ability or authority to give you the outcome that you have in mind.

Richard Crenian | Dealing with Difficult People

Richard Crenian shares some interesting insights about not letting failure or embarrassment hold you back from what’s most important – what you’re trying to achieve in life. It is integral to focus on your personal journey to success and ignore those who try to equalize you. When you prepare for the worst, you won’t be as easy a target to manipulate by those who have ill intentions. However, your hard work, discipline, good traits, and honesty will let you understand that not everyone is built to tear you down.

Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Managing Sales Objections

The most challenging obstacle in a sale is overcoming the buyer’s objections.

Richard Crenian and Brad Powe discuss various approaches that can be adopted to turn a No into a Yes during a sale. It starts with identifying and solving the problem that the customer has. Buyers today are extremely astute, and your goal as a businessman is to develop a convincing enough pitch to overcome roadblocks that may hinder you from closing the sale.

Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Turning Prospects Into Clients

How do you know when you’ve made it? To put it plainly, when people seek you out rather than you having to go prospecting to close a sale.

Richard Crenian reiterates the importance of valuable and trustworthy business relationships. Sales don’t happen overnight. They are a byproduct of years of credibility building, after which you become a respected and recognizable fixture within the industry you operate.

Once you’ve established yourself as a leader, prospects become customers.

Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Importance of Making Relationships Early

Making a sale isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Building business relationships based on trust and value takes years of careful dedication and a genuine concern for the client. Richard Crenian explains why having a stellar product isn’t enough to close a sale. The client needs to be convinced of your credibility before investing in your product.

Start strong and start today.

Richard Crenian | The Business Series | How to Build Business Relationships

In business, what comes first? The sale or the relationship?

Richard Crenian and Brad Powe touch upon the bedrock of all successful sales – building a trustworthy and valuable relationship with the customer prior to the purchase. As in most situations, first impressions truly reflect commitment. Looking and talking the part – these lend themselves to your credibility. Following that, a good businessman also expresses a genuine interest in their client – get them talking about them and their interests. Lastly, credibility needs to be cushioned by knowledge and experience about the focal point of the sale – your product. This needs to be backed by sufficient research – is the client in need of what you’re selling, whether knowingly or unknowingly?

These criteria lay the groundwork for a successful sale.

Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Delegation as a Management Tool

Running a successful business isn’t a one-man sport. It’s a collective effort – one that feeds heavily on strategic delegation.

In this video, Richard Crenian talks about delegating tasks in a manner that pushes the envelope and yet, pulls back before crossing the line into micromanaging. A good leader recognizes that the employee must be coaxed into flourishing their abilities and skills. When done right, it empowers the employee to realize what they’re capable of and, in turn, positions both them and the organization for future growth.

Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Expecting the Unexpected

Richard Crenian talks about setting-up expectations to manage day-to-day challenges. Business is an enigma, you plan carefully, you strategize, you execute and yet most businesses will, at times, present you with a dilemma that is unexpected. As a manager, you are expected to foresee the many crossroads that your business may be facing such like changing economics, market demand, regulations, competition, employee downtime, production and service issues.

Are you business ready?