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We officially claimed the YouTube channel name as we are getting close to hit the 200,000 views on the business series by Richard Crenian. Richard empowers and inspires people of all ages to take small steps everyday in business to self improve and build up their business. Richard is known for his amazing positive energy, take a minute to get inspired!


Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Expecting the Unexpected

Richard Crenian talks about setting-up expectations to manage day-to-day challenges. Business is an enigma, you plan carefully, you strategize, you execute and yet most businesses will, at times, present you with a dilemma that is unexpected. As a manager, you are expected to foresee the many crossroads that your business may be facing such like changing economics, market demand, regulations, competition, employee downtime, production and service issues.

Are you business ready?


Richard Crenian | The Business Series | Importance of Hiring the Best of the Best

Your employees’ skills are what fuel the company’s engine.

Hiring the right employee positively transforms the efforts of the team as a whole. In this video, Richard Crenian and Brad Powe discuss the importance of hiring the best people available to you at the time. Don’t be easily enamoured by minimum-wage employees for that fact alone. This might lead you to hire somebody that doesn’t work out in the long-run, causing you to spend more to replace that employee than you would have spent hiring the right talent in the first place.

What do you think are the primary factors to consider when recruiting talent?


Richard Crenian | The Business Series | How to Layoff an Employee with Respect and Dignity

It isn’t easy to give an employee the pink slip. However, it doesn’t have to be fraught with embarrassment.

Richard Crenian and Brad Powe discuss the essentials of laying off an employee in a respectful manner. It all starts with open communication rather than aggressive confrontation. Approach the topic matter-of-factly, and explain that each employee has an important role to play in order to meet company objectives. If that isn’t enough to elicit that employee’s positive contributions, gently but firmly suggest that, perhaps, they might pursue another career opportunity more aligned with their passions.