Richard Crenian | Dealing with Difficult People

Richard Crenian shares some interesting insights about not letting failure or embarrassment hold you back from what’s most important – what you’re trying to achieve in life. It is integral to focus on your personal journey to success and ignore those who try to equalize you. When you prepare for the worst, you won’t be as easy a target to manipulate by those who have ill intentions. However, your hard work, discipline, good traits, and honesty will let you understand that not everyone is built to tear you down.


Richard Crenian | The Business Series | How to Build Business Relationships

In business, what comes first? The sale or the relationship?

Richard Crenian and Brad Powe touch upon the bedrock of all successful sales – building a trustworthy and valuable relationship with the customer prior to the purchase. As in most situations, first impressions truly reflect commitment. Looking and talking the part – these lend themselves to your credibility. Following that, a good businessman also expresses a genuine interest in their client – get them talking about them and their interests. Lastly, credibility needs to be cushioned by knowledge and experience about the focal point of the sale – your product. This needs to be backed by sufficient research – is the client in need of what you’re selling, whether knowingly or unknowingly?

These criteria lay the groundwork for a successful sale.