ReDev’s Stance on The Fluctuating Commercial Real Estate in Canada – Richard Crenian

Commercial Real Estate is Being Molded by Cultural Preferences

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the real estate market will help identify opportunity and convert it into sales. Studies have shown that lifestyle retail malls haven’t experienced the same upsurge in popularity in Canada as they have in the United States. Canadians pride value over luxury and opt out of shopping at speciality stores. Canadian consumer culture is inclined towards off-price brands and outlet malls. These cultural consumer preferences heavily inform how the retail landscape restructures itself.

ReDev’s Stance on the Fluctuating Market

Taking over a commercial plaza and upgrading it delivers many significant advantages such as time to market, access to historical data and instant cash flow. This is our business objective and in 2018-2019 we will continue to identify such opportunities, invest, upgrade and increase the value and cash flow of our assets.

ReDev collects data around business operations and individual preferences in order to develop new commercial real estate strategies and adoption of new technologies. Some of the market drivers can be witnessed through market data like the fact that Toronto and Vancouver recorded the lowest downtown office vacancy rates and industrial availability rates in North America in 2017. National industrial average net asking rents reached an all-time high of $6.97 per sq. ft. and that Canada recorded the highest commercial real estate investment volume in the nation’s history at $43.1 billion, setting back-to-back annual records.

Discussing data collection and analysis, with over 310,000 new permanent residents in Canada in 2018 and estimated 340,000 in 2020, the go-to option for a large percentage of those new to Canada will be commercial real estate, indicating we are on plan and on time with a clear and well-defined commercial real estate strategy.

There is tremendous potential to enhance your portfolio by investing, managing, developing and financing real estate assets at the right time. Knowing the fundamentals of the market, identifying valuable investment opportunities, allocating capital, managing an asset’s life-cycle and developing a realistic understanding of the risk tolerance is something that takes an expert eye. With almost two decades’ worth of experience under its belt, ReDev is adept at making strong investment choices and converting those into lucrative prospects.