Building a sustainable future is a collective responsibility. When it comes to Commercial Real Estate (CRE), it’s more urgent than ever to discover new ways to decrease climate risk and move towards a more environmentally-aware future. We are rapidly shifting our way of thinking from ‘bigger and better buildings’ to ‘sustainable and eco-friendly properties’, so it’s wise to get on board quickly!

The commercial real estate industry has completely embraced the potential of high-tech efforts to improve tenant occupancy and the overall resident experience. Whether it’s reading real-time energy data that is being used to monitor areas of wasted power or tracking occupancy rates on different floors, sustainable smart-tech buildings optimize energy distribution. When you have collected the data, you will be able to solve specific eco problems that may not have had a viable solution in the past.

How are sustainable solutions and the CRE sector interconnected?

In this day and age, building environmentally-conscious properties and investing in CRE go hand in hand. Commercial properties have a significant impact on carbon emissions and energy consumption. Whether you are a long-term CRE investor, a tenant in a large condominium building or leading a construction company, we are all responsible for taking care of our planet for future generations.

Investing in ways to reduce carbon emissions will be less of an option and more of a requirement. Greener practices will only bring advantages to us and our planet, and hopping on the sustainable (eco-friendly) train will undoubtedly build a better financial portfolio, as you will be reducing costs as well.