Ever since Alberta received approval in 2016 for the University District’s plan in Calgary, construction’s been handled very efficiently and swiftly. All commercial and residential spaces, public areas, and parks are developing at unexpected rates, with huge progress being apparent to all, whether they are visitors or locals.

The multi-use community at University District is prepared to reshape the face of Calgary once it is ready.


Construction Work Staying on Schedule

Although most of Alberta’s been under lockdown since the coronavirus pandemic picked up speed, not all businesses have been set back. It was determined that the construction industry falls under essential services, which helped in allowing for uninterrupted progress at University District. Work is staying on schedule and is still expected that everything will be completed by the end of 2021.

The construction progress is building up some excitement in the community, with boosted numbers of daily visitors to the University District Discovery Centre. At the Discovery Centre, you’ll be able to see detailed plans and examine the neighbourhoods future design.


Retailers Setting to Open by Late August

University District in Calgary, being mixed-use property, Alberta will provide it with all the amenities needed for a thriving community. Shops, Social spots, and services will be accessible to everyone from residents and visitors.

Some service providers and retailers are already preparing to get down to business. By late August, we should see Scotiabank, Curious Hair Skin Body, Market Wines, Denim & Smith Barbershops, and Save-On-Foods open their doors to the general public.

Residential units like August by Avi, The Brenda Strafford Foundation’s Cambridge Manor, and Rhapsody by Gracorp predict their first residents will move in by fall 2020, which will help boost pedestrian traffic and attract more retailers.


Sustainable and Accessible Neighbourhood Design

University District is the first community in Alberta, and also the largest in Canada, to get the LEED-ND Platinum certification – international certification for commitment to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighbourhood Development.

As such, the neighbourhood is designed to be accessible by all and sustainable. With everything within walking distance, residents and visitors are going to be encouraged to interact with the community and spend longer visiting restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, entertainment centers, and other spaces.

That is excellent for pumping up foot traffic and spending within the neighbourhood, making it appealing for retailers and business owners alike.



With the University District in Calgary quickly approaching its completion, it’s proving to be a wonderful investment opportunity. The project is generating interest and attracting prospective tenants and retailers. If you are curious about learning click here.